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PRIDE Pen and Keychains

PRIDE Pen and Keychains

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Pride items:  Pen, Mini Pen Keychain, Keychain Accessory, Keychain Wristlet.  

Representing Pride Flags/Colors: 

*Pride Traditional - Rainbow Colors

*Lesbian - 3 Orange Shades, White, 3 Pink Shades 

*Men Loving Men - 3 Green Shades, White, 3 Blue Shades

*Bisexual - Pink, Purple, Blue

*Transgender - Blue, Pink, White, Pink, Blue

*Pansexual - Pink, Yellow, Blue

*Non-Binary - Yellow, White, Purple, Black

*Straight.(in support of LBGTQ communities) - Rainbow plus White and Black

Some of these items may not be individually shown below.

Please note:  some items may differ verus photos shown in terms of pen colors (Pride Traditional) and bead types (all others).  Colors will be similar as shown.

Additional Black or Blue ink refills can be purchased here:

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