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3D Printed Axolotl (Multiple Colors & Sizes)

3D Printed Axolotl (Multiple Colors & Sizes)

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This is a 3d printed articulating Axolotl. Available as a 4” keychain or 9” print.

Made to Order. Many colors available! To order, please look at the color choices in the listing photo and enter the body color and the accent color  in the appropriate boxes.

NOTE ABOUT OMBRE FILAMENTS:  I cannot choose what colors come out with the Ombre color options. It is all random depending on where I am at on the filament roll when I begin the print.

Pictured in the listing is pastel blue/green Ombre and baby pink. Both Axolotl keychains are the same colors, just reversed!  

Due to the nature of 3D printing, there may be small imperfections such as layer lines, this is normal for 3D printed items.

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