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Personalized Carpenter Pencils

Personalized Carpenter Pencils

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Set of 6 Engraved Carpenter Pencils

Perfect gift for dad or grandpa! This set includes 6 pencils engraved on both sides. One side is any name of your choice (#1 Grandpa, Dad, Uncle Chris, Papa, etc…) and the other side will include the 6 phrases listed in the picture! Obviously, ‘grandpa’ will be swapped out in the phrase with whatever name you pick for the front side!

To order, type the name you’d like on the front side of the pencil in the text box above. That name will be used where appropriate on the phrases as well. For example, you put Uncle Dan in the text box. One of the phrases on your pencil will be Best Uncle Ever. 

Please note… Disregard my first attempt at sharpening a carpenter pencil in the pic! 😂 All of your pencils will come unsharpened!


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