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2023 Gingerbread Family Ornament

2023 Gingerbread Family Ornament

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Remember 2022 with an adorable Gingerbread family ornament! ‘Cookie pan’ can fit up to 9 gingerbread people or animals (dog or cat)!

Ornament measures 3.5”x5” and is made from 1/8” Baltic birch and walnut plywoods. It is light to medium weight.

To order, please choose the number of gingerbread cookies in the drop down menu. In the red box below, add the banner (last name ex. "The Beckners" or "Merry Christmas") and the names of each gingerbread cookie (in order left to right, top to bottom), as well as whether it’s a girl, boy, cat, dog, etc  The year defaults to 2023, but feel free to change it…. Triple check your spelling!

The Beckners
Jason (boy)
Jenny (girl)
Cameron (boy)
Bentley (girl)
Sophie (dog)
Tate (dog)

If this is a gift for grandparents, some customers have chosen to put ‘Grandcookies’ in place of a last name 🥰

Note: The correct way to pluralize a last name is NOT to use an apostrophe. For ex. ‘The Guidas’ not ‘The Guida’s’

Due to the custom nature of this item, no refunds will be given.

Ornaments are wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a padded mailer envelope to ensure safe travel. If there is an issue with the ornament upon arrival, please reach out to me!

Materials: walnut,Baltic birch
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